bonhi mukherjee

Bonhi Mukherjee

Bonhi is an independent professional who feels that it is the duty of each individual to give back to society. Sharing her skills with people who are in need gives her a sense of accomplishment.

She works in association with Kshamata for the empowerment of women. Her role is instrumental in developing the skill of jewelry making in women and how to convert it as an enterprise. Bonhi also connects the organization to more volunteers and donors who can add value to the workforce.

She has been actively trying to sensitize people towards victims of human trafficking, as her NGO employs these women to bring them back into the mainstream as they face stigmatization within society and to an extent has succeeded in her endeavor.

Not only has she succeeded in changing perspectives, her biggest achievement has been the skill enhancement of many women, who were able to take their learning forward and develop an impactful product line. Bohni was able to connect many people to the organization who could coach the women depending on their various skill levels as well as conduct individual and group volunteer engagement activities.

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Areas: Women Empowerment
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