dhruv mahendra patel

Dhruv Mahendra Patel

Dhruv Mahendra Patel is an overall City Coordinator of ‘Bhumi’ in Bengaluru which works for education, environment, animals and community welfare. He manages 1000+ volunteers, manages ‘Ignite Project’ (which includes providing supplementary education programme for 1200+ under-privileged children), manages ‘Catalyse’ (which is civic initiatives that engage volunteers in causes like animal welfare, community welfare, disability, environment, health etc) and has organized multiple events such as Care for Elders ,Care for Disabled , Care for Animals and environmental issues. He has also organized Nakshatra which lays down a platform for kids where they can rejoice and exhibit their talents and discover their potential.

He has reached over 1200+ children through supplementary education initiatives and workshops and built a strong and empowered team of volunteers for Catalyse (civic initiative) which hosts 2+ civic initiatives every weekend.

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Areas: Education, Environment welfare, Care for elders
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