gowtham b

Gowtham B

Gowtham believes that littering is a psychological issue as well as unethical behavior where people do not consider its environmental impact. As a way to combat this problem he began Walk for Plastic which is practiced over 10 countries and 13 states across the country. With this movement he has changed over 1500 plus minds. He has inspired shopkeepers to install segregated bins to further recycle their plastic across Chennai and had also used the funds gained from this to provide education and cycles to the rag pickers and sanitary worker’s children.

So far Gowtham has recycled over 5 tons of plastic in just 206 days which has led to saving of over 80000 plus sq. feet area from landfills. He has collected over 100kgs of plastic in Chennai for 25 km continuously in a single day and donated the funds acquired to Chennai Corporation for the Welfare of Sanitary Workers. He has also spread awareness through presentations in 13 plus colleges and schools which led to over 1500 volunteers.

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Website: https://www.instagram.com/walkforplastic/
Areas: Environment, poverty alleviation
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