kannan gnanasambandham

Kannan Gnanasambandham

Kannan Gnanasambandham, a school relationship manager and a school volunteer for GHSS, Kalapatti, Coimbatore. Social work being in blood, he wants to transform a government school into a model school. A model school functions as an integrated unit leading to holistic, professional and sustainable development for students, teachers and community respectively. Being in association with Cognizant Outreach, Kannan has helped improve learning levels, discipline, attendance, awareness of democratic rights, IQ level and involvement of parents. Painting the school walls and offering spelling and handwriting exercises has made students indulge more. He coordinates with the school management, event management, monitoring and tracking of all the activities throughout the year. Establishing report of student beneficiaries was a challenge but interacting helped him break the ice.

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Areas: Supporting Education Initiatives
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