manju mehra

Manju Mehra

Manju Mehra is a senior traffic warden in the city of Bangalore. She helps pedestrians, commuters, the elderly, specially abled and school children cross the road amidst heavy traffic. Volunteering to help them gives her joy and makes her feel connected to them. She is a very friendly police warden unlike most stereotypical policemen. This job tests her patience and endurance as she faces a lot of difficulties daily but it has made her calmer in the chaos.

Manju has voluntarily rushed several victims to the hospital and prevents commuters from getting into a gridlocked traffic situation. She has also fixed several potholes by herself and has helped women find safety in the crowd on New Year’s Eve. She has also helped move 35+ children to safety during a school bus accident. Each commuter on the road is her family and Manju does this job without any salary, which is for the welfare of the people and for them to travel safely.

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Areas: Road Safety
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