milan mittal

Milan Mittal

Milan Mittal has faced extreme difficulty in adjusting with his visual impairment which in turn inspired him to motivate differently-abled people so they can rise above their hurdles, steer forth to amazing heights and further inspire others. He has conducted sessions for technical enablement, personality development, private-sector employment, training volunteers, etc. for VIPs and contributed in workshops for the upliftment of PWDs. He has also participated in workshops to show visually impaired persons (VIPs) the little-considered career opportunities. For this, he conducted a “why only government job” workshop to crush the fears that visually impaired students harbor for private-sector jobs so that they can break their self-forged chains and come forth to make their contributions.

Though he faced many challenges, he tried to motivate the differently-abled person and his/her family by educating them about the available resources and their importance, and by sharing his life experience and knowledge for injecting hope and building confidence in them.

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Areas: Help to Differently-abled and their personality development
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