neha singh

Neha Singh

Neha volunteers to make people aware of the importance of volunteering. She feels that as a responsible citizen it is our duty to volunteer. She is the “Ignite” program city Co-ordinator for Bhoomi and was in charge of taking care of an educational program. Under Neha’s leadership, the project grew the number of learning centers it impacted from 33 to 39 and volunteer count increased from 150 to 260 which benefitted 1,370 children. She was awarded as the "Torchbearer Of The Year" for showing the consistency, dedication and motivating hundreds of others. She also helps Bhoomi with fundraising through “Refresh” which does this through various cultural, sports, fitness and tree plantation events.

Neha was involved with Nakshatra Arts and Sports (a shelter home cultural and sports competition for Bhumi and non Bhumi centers). Under her leadership they also did volunteer engagement program called MILAN (100 + volunteer meetup) and BPL (Bhumi premier League ) for about 120 volunteers. For this she was awarded “Changemaker of the Year.”

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Areas: Fundraising, Education, training
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