prachi doshi

Prachi Doshi

Prachi Doshi associated with ‘Bhumi’ organisation as Project Coordinator for Speakout Project Bangalore (English Project) was able to help kids in their affiliated centers to achieve more fluency in skills of English language. The project had the best performance of average number of classes and volunteer attendance nationally across all cities and all projects of Bhumi. 14 volunteers(highest nationally) were recognized for exemplary work and Prachi received the ‘Change-Maker’ award. Project was recognized as “Best Project of the Month” 3 out of 7 times in academic year.

The second program was ‘Bangalore Chapter Support Team for Ignite Overall (Education Lead for Bangalore)’ where she was the ‘Education lead’ organising orientations and assigning volunteering projects. The academic and sports project were successful and encouraged some kids to participate in professional football tournaments in the city. Prachi wants to create a foundation for driving a huge change in the future and also because teaching kids makes her happy.

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Areas: English Fluency, Education
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