raghuram kumar

Raghuram Kumar

Raghuram Kumar associated with Cognizant Outreach is a Catalyst of Change for the Marginalized Community of Irumbai, Tamil Nadu. He reaches out to this community, offer them mentorship, moral support and enlighten them about the opportunities of a brighter future. Interacting with the students of this area gave them a bigger picture of the social conditions prevalent in the community. They were successful in mitigating the school dropout rates by starting English improvement classes with the help of local people and conducted medical camps to spread awareness of the perils of alcohol and to bring down the men’s addiction. By talking to the local government they ensured that the people can live safely on their own land and have a sustainable environment. They motivated and encouraged the women to get involved in activities like handicrafts and quilling and helped them exhibit and sell their products for a dignified livelihood. The efforts of Raghuram and other volunteers have made a major impact on the people of Irumbai community and these positive changes are what drives them to work more and more for their upliftment.

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