salini sasidharan

Salini Sasidharan

Salini Sasidharan, a lead school volunteer for government high schools in Thengode, Kochi. In association with Cognizant Outreach volunteers, she has conducted a number of classes for students under the initiative ‘Be A Teacher’. She also conducted a 5-week campaign called ‘Challenge to Teach’ in which most students showed improved literacy and numeracy levels. Salini introduced many innovative and fun ways of learning for the students. These sessions resulted in improved IQ levels and parents involvement. Being a mother herself she has inspired many women to take up volunteering. She coordinates with the school management, event management, monitoring and tracking of all the activities throughout the year. Sometimes, she takes her daughter along with her to work so that she could manage both her personal and work life. This shows her dedication towards her work which has been a great means of self-actualization for her.

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Areas: Supporting Education Initiatives in Government High School
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