sreenivasa prasad rao sarvaraju

Sreenivasa Prasad Rao Sarvaraju

Sreenivasa Prasad Rao Sarvaraju, the founder president of Amma Social Welfare Organization for 11 years whose leadership quality and skills has immensely helped ASWA to grow. His motivation skills has attracted many people to volunteer. Sreenivasa also provides leadership in projects like intervention government schools, career guidance, financial support, food distribution and many more. He also started a project to promote Universal Human Values.

He has been selected as Wipro non funded Fellow and he is in association with IIT Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur, etc. He has addressed 2000+ students and improved learning of 30+ students and motivated 300+ volunteers. He donated blood 46 times. For him helping others is not a service but a social responsibility.

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Areas: Leading and Running a Volunteer Organization
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