sritha murali

Sritha Murali

Sritha volunteers because a six figure salary of 'SMILES' makes her feel like the richest person in the world. She is the city coordinator of the second largest chapter of Bhumi, Bangalore. Under her leadership, the Educational project “Ignite” grew the number of learning centres it impacted from 33 to 39 and stabilized the sports project. Volunteer count increased from 150 to 230 and the Bengaluru center became the largest chapter of Bhumi benefitting 1,370 children 598, volunteers clocked 2,092 hours for civic initiatives that saw the addition of two new projects – Animal welfare program and Care for Elders. The city also witnessed its first Cycling for education event (Cyclation). About 350 cyclists joined hands to spread awareness on education, while raising funds in a 50km cycling event. Bhumi India Run, also a fundraiser, witnessed a whopping 1,800 registrations in Bengaluru, a count that high first time in its history.

Sritha also initiated the Robotics programme in the city in 2016. From identifying shelter homes/orphanages to conduct the project to recruiting and managing volunteers, she was involved in all the aspects of the youngest project in the city. The project enabled 50 children in the first academic year to get access to building technology. This project has encouraged children across three schools to pursue technology as their career and bring about a change in their outlook towards STEM education.

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Areas: Child education and welfare
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