umesh chandra pant

Umesh Chandra Pant

Umesh is the founder member of Sarthak Prayash, which provides education for underprivileged children. The organization now has a pan India expansion of "Akchhar Gyan", which is a program that aims to provide basic informal education to the children from downtrodden strata of society and give them the guidance they need to live the life of their choice. The program also builds the self confidence of these students makes them independent to take on any challenges they may face. They also provide formal education through sponsorship programs.

Umesh believes that for any initiative to run smoothly, it should be properly organized and monitored and this can only be when there is participation at local level. Taking the help of the gram panchayat, Srthak Prayash was able to identify the children in need of their assistance. With their help, one student is pursuing engineering and two students are pursuing polytechnic. 14 students have completed their education. They have also established four libraries in different parts in the north and have a free stitching center in Chaukhutiya Almora.

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Areas: Child Education, Rural Development
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