vandana motwani

Vandana Motwani

Vandana Motwani associated with the ‘Bhumi’ organization volunteered as the HR Coordinator and also was a part of the "Hi-Fi Volunteer Recognition". She has also been a part of the Leadership Development Program which focuses on enhancing the Arts Project. The project aims to imbibe creativity and enhance the artistic skills that shape and enrich the children's lives; igniting young minds to think and act as artists and designers. There were times when kids were not satisfied with the artwork so she imbibed new learning techniques and reached up to 500 underprivileged children. She also coordinated the events conducted for the Primary children for the educational fest, Ignite Fest 2020, which is a yearly educational fest. This fest reached out to about 1200 children conducting fun, educational games, activities, workshops for them.

According to Vandana, she volunteers because it helps her gain perspective about her life. She spends time during weekends teaching arts & crafts to children. This journey has helped her empathize with others around her, be grateful for the little things and spend time around like-minded people.

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Areas: Artwork for the underprivileged
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