yashodhara bhide

Yashodhara Bhide

Yashodhara works with the women of Kshamata organization and is helping them develop a new production unit as well as new line of products and ensure that it self sustainable. Her efforts have also led to eco-friendly production material being used. This has also led to the development of six new unisex products.

She has also contributed by putting in place a plan for future systematic stitching training and spreading information about the quality of the products through exhibitions and orders.

One of the challenges she has overcome was mentoring the women who have come into the organization from difficult background like being victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse and child marriages which makes them vulnerable and distrustful of help. With her help, now, fifteen girls have got stitching training and are pursuing it as a career and have also enrolled for advance training; a diploma in fashion designing. They have also started a new production unit from the 8th of November 2019.

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Website: http://www.kshamata.org/
Areas: Women empowerment
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